An opportunity for everyone


Changing Customer Behavior

Today’s customers want the purchase of insurance products to be fast, straight forward and efficient, with offers especially at the point of sale.


Increased Cross-Selling

Cross-selling insurance products increases profits per customer via long-term recurring revenues.


Deeper Customer Relationship

Insurance extend you product offering, enable additional touch points and increase your customer engagement.

You own a portal and want to sell specific, customized insurance products to your target customers. You want a solution which is 100% digital and operates in real-time via API. Let us show you how this is possible with ELEMENT …

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You operate an online-shop and want to increase your return on your customers. Our solutions are integrated seamlessly into your CRM without affecting the customer journey/experience.

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You are responsible for bringing new products to the market, which need to be realised and launched within 12-24 months. We can show you how it can be done with Element.

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You’d like to develop new products for the market or optimize existing ones. You want to sell your first policy weeks after conception. Together we can develop innovative products.

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The B2B2X Value-Chain

Element Insurance Value Chain

ELEMENT Insurance


As a licensed BaFin insurer, ELEMENT carries the risk whilst also offering fully digital white label or API based products, underwriting and customer service.



You have access to user or client groups who trust your brand. Maximize your share of wallet by expanding your service portfolio.

Your Customer


Your clients experience insurance products at the point of sale in the look and feel of your brand and through sales channels of your insurance or your brokerage.

ELEMENT, your Insurance Platform


Innovative ideas executed at top speeds allow us question the status quo. We combine existing and new solutions to create a powerful technology platform.

Aligned Interests

Your success is our business. Your customers stay your customers. We grow together!


Every product starts and ends with the customer. We build solutions with our partners to optimize their customer services and experience.


Our platform is flexible and dynamic. If something doesn't exist, we can build your vision together or you can build extensions on top of our APIs.

Plug & Play

Our solutions are simple and accessible. Leverage our white label solutions or build on top of our APIs.


We understand that speed is the key to success. We think in days and not in years.

ELEMENT Insurance AG

ELEMENT received its insurance license by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Acting as a risk carrier, we are able to offer private property and casualty insurance products for home, liability, accident lines and more. ELEMENT Insurance enables a large portfolio of retail insurance products.

Our Products...